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Savvy Hair Loft is a full-service hair salon in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. 

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Olaplex: The End of Damaged Hair

Ali Omelio

Color addicts, rejoice! A miracle hair color additive developed to end breakage has arrived and it's called Olaplex.  The single active ingredient was invented by Dr. Eric Pressley, PHD and Dr. Craig Hawker, PHD and it's revolutionizing the way we color our hair.  The big question is, how does it work?

When hair is exposed to dye and bleach, peroxide developers contained in these products break down the disulfide bonds that make hair strong in order to "open" the hair so it can receive color.  Once disulfide bonds have become weaker, the oxygen bonds from the peroxide developer begin to work and almost always cause important proteins in your hair to be broken down, causing dry, straw-like strands. 

This is where Olaplex comes into play because it works by reconnecting broken disulfide bonds in the hair, preventing damage before it even begins!  Now you can color your hair anxiety-free and not have to worry about extreme dryness or brittle feeling hair.  The benefits of Olaplex also aren't just for those who color their hair either.  Heat and regular styling (combing wet hair) also causes hair to become damaged and Olaplex works to reverse and prevent this damage as well - leaving hair super smooth and shiny. 

Savvy Hair Loft is now offering Olaplex as part of our hair color services.   Experience the difference!