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Savvy Hair Loft is a full-service hair salon in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. 

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Prep and Protect Your Hair This Summer

Ali Omelio


Summer is just starting to heat up, which means a lot more fun in the sun for some of us.  When it comes to additional sun exposure, we tend to think of protecting our skin first, but the sun can also wreak havoc on our hair as well.  Not to worry though, there are quite a few ways to prep and protect your mane for the hot and sunny months ahead. 

1.  Prevent Damage
Regular trims will help to prevent unwanted damage that comes from exposure to the sun, salt and chlorine.  Combine that with a deep conditioning treatment at least once per week and your locks will look super healthy all summer long.  We recommend an Olaplex treatment that can be done at the salon or at home!

2. Eliminate Frizz
Humidity is your hair’s second worst enemy after the sun, but thoroughly moisturized strands have a chance of combating it.   Kevin Murphy’s Smooth.Again is our favorite anti-frizz treatment.  Styling properties will work to smooth out hair and treatment ingredients will eliminate frizz for smooth, silky locks.

3.  Sunscreen for Hair
Slathering our skin with SPF is a no-brainer, but have you ever thought about SPF for your hair?  Rubbing Coppertone through your strands might not be the best option, but there are SPF sprays available that will provide the same type of protection.  Try Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray, which works to not only protect your hair from harsh UV rays, but also contains a Vitamin complex that hydrates hair.

4.  Head Scarves
For added protection (and a super cute look), be sure to pack a head scarf for your next trip to the beach.  We found this awesome tutorial that shows you different ways to rock your favorite head scarf this summer A fun, floppy hat will also do the trick, as well as give you the added benefit of protecting your skin. 

5.  Restore Color
There’s no doubt that color-treated hair will experience a bit of fading in the summer months.  To keep color looking vibrant, try Kevin Murphy’s Angel.Masque.  The key ingredients in this treatment will help to repair, moisturize and restore colored hair. 

Have a great summer hair tip?  Share in the comments below!