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Savvy Hair Loft is a full-service hair salon in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. 

Your Guide to Healthy Winter Hair

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Your Guide to Healthy Winter Hair

Ali Omelio

We all know that the winter can wreak havoc on our skin, from drying to cracking, but did you know that cold weather can have the same type of damaging effects on your hair?  The combination of frigid temperatures, snow, sun exposure and even indoor heating, can create some pretty dry, brittle strands.

But there's good news! With the proper attention and care, you can easily avoid a winter hair crisis!  So what should you do?

1.  Moisture, Moisture, Moisture
      - opt for rich, creamy shampoos and conditioners that contain moisturizing ingredients like silicone, protein or shea butter. 
     - Treat your lock to an ultra deep conditioning treatment (did someone say Olaplex?!) a few times throughout the winter season. 

2.  Avoid Excess Heat
     - steer clear of excessive use of blow dryers, curling irons and hair straightners.  We recommend letting hair air dry for at least 30 minutes first, this way you won't need to use your blow dryer for too long. 
     -  If you do decide to blow dry, be sure to spritz your hair with a thermal protection product prior to styling
     - Experiment with cute, fun up-dos in the winter months

3. Trim Those Tresses
    - The dryer your hair is, the more split ends you'll have.  Visit your stylist a bit more often in the winter to get rid of dull ends. 

Don't neglect your stands - show them a little TLC and say goodbye to bad winter hair!